Ear infections in children: causes, symptoms, Treatment of ear infections

Ear infections

Infection of middle ear in children ( 1 to 3 years of age ) is called as ear infection in child.

The children are at high risk of getting upper respiratory tract infection. The upper respiratory tract infection can cause ear infection in children, especially in

Causes of Ear infections in children

Upper respiratory tract infection,

Excess wax accumulation can cause ear infection.

Low immunity in children, causes ear infections.

Cold and sinus infections,

Throat infections causes ear infections.

Symptoms of ear infections

children will complaint pain in ear.

If the children can’t talk, he will try to show discomfort in ear.

child may not get sleep,

Mild to moderate fever,

Lack of activeness,

Complaint increased pain during chewing.

Are main symptoms of ear infections in children.

Treatment of Ear infections in children

After diagnosis of ear infection,

Antibiotics such as erythromycin are given to the children.

Provide rest to the baby,

Don’t give solids to eat if pain is severe.

Provide protein rich diet to child, such as pulses, etc.

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