Gout disease: causes, diet, attack, treatment and Prevention

The form of arthritis with inflammation of joints is known as Gout. Even a small touch can cause severe pain  . Gout pain is a pain of high intensity and highly difficult to bear pain in gout arthritis. Big toe is the mainly affected joint with Gout. Ankle joint, wrist joint, knee joint, fingers and elbow are also affected with Gout.

Gout causes, what causes Gout ?

  • Increased uric acid level in the body,
  • Overproduction uric acid by the body
  • Reduced uric acid excretion from the kidneys,
  • Inherited genes form parents to children cause  gout.
  • Eating foods rich in purines, such as meat etc causes gout.

Mono sodium urate crystals formed from excess uric acid accumulation in joints and connective tissue leads to sever joint inflammation and severe gout pain.

Gout diet

  • Orange juice and water is recommended for first week of gout attack. Fasting with orange juice is recommended to treat gout naturally with gout diet.
  • Gout diets include fruits such as grapes, apples, pears, peaches, oranges and pineapples.
  • Vegetables in gout diet include beets, celery, watercress, turnips, squash, carrots, tomatoes, cabbage and potatoes etc.
  • foods low in purine and doesn’t stimulate excess uric acid production.
  • wheat tortilla made wholly of  wheat flour, cottage cheese and buttermilk.

Patient should avoid purine and uric acid producing foods in diet such as meats, eggs and fish.

Gout patients should also avoid tea, coffee, sugar, white flour and their products.

Gout attack

Gout attack is the sudden intense single joint inflammation with severe gout pain. Redness and swelling are present at the inflammation site of gouty arthritis. Gout attack may last from four to six days. Subsequent attacks are rare and gout attacks do not last for weeks, months or years. Gout attack disappears after a week even with no treatment. Severe recurrent gout attack causes injury to joints.

Acute gout attack : Acute gout attack may last for a week. Gout medicines such as Colchicine Corticosteroids NSAIDS relives acute Gout pain.

Gout treatments

  • Gout medicine : are highly beneficiary in gout treatment. Food modification also prevents further gout attacks. Medicine used to treat Gout are
  • Acetaminophen : An analgesic to reduce joint pain.
  • NSAIDS : Non steroidal anti inflammatory drugs inhibit prostaglandin synthesis and reduces gout pain.
  • Colchicine : Reduces inflammation and attacks are reduced.
  • Corticosteroids : Reduces inflammation at the joint by suppressing immune system.
  • Probenecid : Excretes excess uric acid through urine and decreases uric acid levels in blood. Probenecid is good gout medicine.
  • Colbenemid : the drug is the combination of Probenecid, Colchicine and uricosuric agent, prevents constipation.
  • Allopurinol : is the gout medicine, lowers blood uric acid level by inhibiting uric acid synthesis in body. Allopurinol is best gout medicine as it blocks the conversion of purine present in foods into uric acid.
  • Even though gout cure is not completely possible, temporary gout cure is achieved with gout medicines. Gout treatment relieves pain, and reduces further inflammation of joints.

Gout prevention

Got prevention is the best method of relieving pain related to arthritis. Weight reduction helps in prevention of Gout by reducing weight on the Joint. Drink enough water to excrete excess uric acid from the body and it helps lot in gout prevention. Reduce hyperuricemia with medications and decreased uric acid level prevents gout arthritis. Dietary changes include consuming diets with less purines, as Purine rich diet causes gout. avoid purine rich foods.

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