Gross hematuria : causes, symptoms, treatment

Gross hematuria

Gross hematuria

Gross hematuria, is the presence of plenty of red blood cells in the urine as the red blood cells can be seen in naked eyes. presence of red blood cells in urine is known as Hematuria on medical term.

Gross hematuria is contrast to microscopic hematuria in which blood is visible only under a microscope. Gross hematuria an urinary abnormality, should be diagnosed earlier and treated properly. Gross hematuria may associated with pain or without pain. Infections and stones in the urinary tract are the common cause of Gross hematuria with pain. Painless hematuria also has many causes. Appearance of blood only time in urine may not be a serious disorder. Even a Strenuous exercise, Drugs such as aspirin also causes blood in urine.

Causes of Gross hematuria

Beeturia :- blood in urine seen after the ingestion of beetroot is called beeturia. Is not a disorder and is caused due to excretion of betalain reddish pigment.

Red blood cells enters the urine from glomerulus while blood is filtered in the glomerulus apparatus. Abnormality by the glomerulus to filter blood leads to red blood cells in the urine.

  • Inflammation of bladder or prostate,
  • Rupture in the urethra,
  • injury to urinary bladder,
  • Presence of polyp or tumor in the urinary tract,
  • Malignant tumors,
  • Kidney or ureter stones,
  • Enlarged prostate,
  • Urinary tract infection
  • Inherited diseases,
  • Injury to kidney, etc

Symptoms of gross hematuria

  • Visible red blood cells in the urine,
  • Red or brown colour urine,
  • Painful urination with red blood cells,
  • May be associated other disorders.

Treatment of Gross hematuria

Treating the underlying cause is the main treatment. If urinary tract infection is present, antibiotics are prescribed. Any abnormality of glomerulus or Kidney diseases should be treated. 

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