Heart conduction : Cardiac conduction, ECG waves, heart failure

Heart conduction

Heart conduction or Cardiac conduction makes heart to beat. Heart is the blood pumping organ in the body has a regular contraction and relaxation properties. The heart beat helps in pumping blood from heart to different parts of body. Heart beat is due to conduction of heart with the electrical impulses across the heart muscles.  The conduction of heart is the passing of electrical impulses produced at particular part of into different parts of heart and contraction of heart muscles. Conduction of heart is due to electrical activity of heart.

Sinoatrial node situated near the junction of superior vena cava into heart generates electrical impulses. The impulses are transferred to atrioventricular node and then passes to purkinje fibre . The conduction of electric impulses through out the heart muscles leads to heart beat.

SA node

Sinoatrial node or SA node is a small point like structure in the cardiac muscle or heart muscle, situated near the junction of superior vena cava into heart.

AV node

Atrioventricular node or AV node is situated in the wall of right atrium. This AV node or Atrioventricular node receives the impulses from Sinoatrial node or SA node and transmits to Bundle of his and to purkinje fiber.

Bundle of His

A specialized structure passes through the ventricular septum and passes electrical impulses into purkinje fibre a small branches and thereby passes impulses to ventricular region and posterior part of heart.

Purkinje Fibre

A small branch like structures present in the walls of ventricles supplies electrical impulses to ventricle region of heart or myocardium.

The conduction system of heart and electrical impulses are measured using ECG or Electrocardiogram. ECG shows different wave movements such as P wave, Q wave, R S T wave. The variation of ECG waves from normal ECG waves indicates imbalance in conducting system of heart.

Failure in the conducting system of heart or Heart conduction leads to improper functioning of heart and may lead to Heart failure.

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