Insulin Administration in Children And Care

Insulin Administration

Insulin administration

The children who have juvenile diabetes mellitus, the special care is needed by parents to administer insulin in children. Because children may not have adequate knowledge to administer insulin by themselves. Most children are depending on their parents to get health care. Although insulin is not secreted in children, the insulin injection is must for children who have Juvenile diabetes mellitus. First the parents should learn how to administer insulin, when should be given, and the dosage of insulin. This helps in maintaining normal blood glucose in the children. Insulin is usually given just before food, because insulin takes some time to act, as soon as the food is observed, the insulin starts working. Don’t skip or miss insulin injection administration,

Few important facts

  • Do the regular exercises,
  • Don’t administer over dose of insulin,
  • Get the clear tips from doctor, how to prevent Hypoglycemia,
  • Precautions to be taken in Diabetes affected children.
  • Avoid getting injuries,
  • Don’t use sharp instruments, for domestic use.
  • Use the right, good footwear, and don’t walk in bare foot.
  • Check for any lesions or injuries on any part of the body.

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