Pregnancy signs : true and false pregnancy signs and child birth

Pregnancy signs

Number of signs indicate labor and gives the clue that the process of child birth has been started. Most of pregnant mothers  are confused that they have labor, is it true labor signs or not. Careful observation and assessment helps in finding signs of labor. pregnancy labor is the term used by some people for child birth process or labor. The differentiation between false labor and true labor signs is important.

The common signs of Pregnancy


It is the process of changes takes place in the mothers womb. The fetal head reaches or enters the pelvis at the end stage of pregnancy. The mother feels some comfort and feels abdomen as lightened and is called as lightening. Mother feels easy breathing as the lungs get more space to expand. The pregnant Mother need to urinate more often as the pressure increases in the pelvic region.

Lightening in pregnant mother occurs several weeks prior to first delivery or child birth.

Bloody Show

Passage of mucus with blood is called as bloody show. It is pinkish or brown in colour and is identified by the mother in the bath room. The mucus present during pregnancy in the cervix comes out at the time of labor.

The bloody mucus indicates that cervical changes are occurring such as dilation of cervix,  thinning or moving forward to facilitate child birth or labor process. Sometimes the mucus is found after vaginal examination during end stage of third trimester of pregnancy.

Differentiation of true labor sign is important to initiate precautionary measures for safe child birth. So bloody show is the important sign of pregnancy labor.

Stomach upset is noticed in some mother along with abdominal cramps due to contraction.

Mucous plug

during pregnancy cervix is plugged with a thick mucous and protects the baby by blocking the lower end of uterus or entrance of the uterus. Soon after the cervical dilation the mucous plug is released.

During the release of mucus plug, the amount of bloody mucus increases and is the clear sign of labor. Mucus plug is also important sign of pregnancy labor.

Loose stools

passage of loose stool is  also the important sign of labor. Is the natural body mechanism in which rectum becomes empty after passing stools. This enhances the easy passage of baby through birth canal.

In most of institutions enema is given before the labor process starts in order to evacuate the bowel. Loose stools starts during true pregnancy labor and is the clear sign of labor.

Uterine Contractions

The major sign of labor is contraction of uterus. The rhythmic high intensity contractions helps in the delivery of baby. The uterine contraction stimulates dilation of uterus and makes passage for the fetus or baby. Pregnant mothers experiences contraction in the end of pregnancy. but not all contractions are labor contractions.

There is a difference between true labor contractions and other contractions. The labor contractions are rhythmic, occurs at regular interval, the intensity of contraction is high, and mother feels more pain during true labor uterine contractions. Uterine contractions are true labor signs. Braxton hicks contractions  are false uterine contractions increases during labor and indicates labor sign.

Pain in back and front of abdomen

Backache is associated with stronger uterine contractions, and lower abdominal pain, and it indicates the labor. Due to muscle contractions and pressure exerted by the moving fetus or baby in the birth canal causes backache with severe pain. are the important signs of labor.

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