Mouth Sores: Causes and Treatment

Mouth sores

Mouth sore

A number of factors causes bacterial, viral or fungal infections of the mouth. The mouth sore is the painful infections or rupture of the mucus membrane of the mouth is called mouth sore. A loose orthodontic wire, improper implantation of denture, sharp edge of broken teeth causes mouth sore.  A mouth sore are the common mouth problem that makes an individual very difficult to eat and even to drink hot or cold drinks.   Mouth sore may occur as symptoms of a particular disease or disorder. Examination of mouth by a dentist is needed to visualize mouth sore that lasts a week or longer.

Common mouth sores and treatment

Canker ulcers

these are small ulcers that have red border and white or grey base. These mouth sores appear on the mucus membrane of the mouth and are not contagious. A number of ulcers may vary from one or more mouth sores. No exact cause of canker ulcer is known. it is believed that stress, fatigue, allergy to certain substances cause mouth ulcers. No specific treatment is needed to treat mouth sore or Canker ulcers. Topical anesthetics and antimicrobial mouth rinses are used to treat mouth sores of this type. Avoid hot and spicy food until the healing of mouth sore.

Cold sore

These sore are called as herpes simplex or fever blisters. Usually occurs on the soft membrane of lips, or under the nose. Cold or flu infection of the mouth is the common cause of cold sore of mouth. Mouth pain is common with cold sore and is the recurring mouth problem in some individuals. The sore heals normally and in some recurring cases, antivirals are prescribed.


these are white, thick patches appear inside the cheeks, mouth gums and tongue. Tobacco users are more prone to have such mouth sore and excess cell growth occurs on the sores. A biopsy of mouth sore is done for further diagnosis and treatment. Advice the patients to avoid tobacco and the cause of lesion is found and treated.


Is the fungal infection of mouth because of the infection of candida Albicans, which reproduce in the mucus wall of the mouth. Denture wearers are more prone to have candidiasis mouth infection is the common problem of mouth. Antibiotic treatment is needed to reduce the symptoms and to treat the mouth sore. Provide oral hygiene to prevent further complications.

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