Neurosis : symptoms of psychological disorder


Neurosis is one of the psychological disorder, related to distress. Neurosis doesn’t affect the thought, unlike psychosis or other mental disorders. Anxiety, depressed feelings, , low self-confidence, lack of emotions or emotional instability are related to Neurosis.

Neurotic symptoms may manifest as depression, anxiety, obsessive compulsive disorder, Phobias, etc.

Pyromania, obsessive compulsive disorder, and hysteria are the different forms of Neurosis. Phobias are also included in neurosis.

Symptoms of Neurosis

  • Anxiety,
  • anger,
  • depression
  •   sadness,
  •   poor emotions,
  •   low sense of self-worth,
  •   irritability,
  •   mental confusion, etc are main symptoms of neurosis.

Other behavioural symptoms of neurosis are, impulsive or compulsive disorders, vigilance, phobic avoidance, lethargy, etc.. Cognitive symptoms are  Repetition of thoughts, unpleasant or disturbing thoughts, habitual fantasizing, negativity and cynicism etc

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