Newborn problems :causes, symptoms and treatment

Newborn problems

Newborn problems are common in newborns as the anatomical and physiological development is not completed. Some common Newborn problems are discussed here. The common problems are:

Fetal distress

Fetal distress is the common newborn problem seen in most of the babies. It usually occurs when fetus fails to receive enough oxygen. abnormal heart rate is an indicator of fetal distress. Fetal heart rate is monitored during delivery to prevent fetal distress. When the fetal heart rate decreases, it is corrected by administering oxygen to  woman , increasing the amount of  intravenously fluids, and turning the woman on her left side. When fetal distress is identified, all the measures should be taken to deliver the baby soon, such as forceps delivery, a vacuum extractor, or  Cesarean section. Amniotic fluid becomes green after the membranes have ruptured the fetus may be suffering from lack of oxygen.

Breathing Problems

some newborns doesn’t start to breathe soon after birth, even though no problems were detected before delivery. Cardiopulmonary resuscitation is provided to correct the breathing problem.

Newborn jaundice

yellow colour of  skin  in most of  newborn babies is common and is called physiological jaundice. Frequent feedings helps in treating and in severe cases bilirubin lights are used.  Some of the jaundice are pathological and need proper medical care. Exposing the baby to sunlight is beneficial in treating physiological jaundice.

Newborn injuries

Most of the injuries occurs to newborns during delivery.

Feeding problems

Most of the babies born with low birth weight, refuses or fails to get feed from the mother. This becomes a greater worry to mother. The continuous efforts may make the baby to drink mother’s milk.

Shoulder Dystocia

is a shoulder injury of newborn,  the newborn problem occurs when the shoulder of baby compresses against pubic bone of mother.

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