Oral Contraceptives: Procedure, Precautions And Side Effects


Oral contraceptives

Oral contraceptives are the the pills of Oestrogen and progesterone, hormone compounds. The oral contraceptives need to be  taken after fifth day of menstruation till 24 day to avoid unwanted pregnancy. much care has to be taken while taking oral contraceptives:

  •   If patient forgets to take tablet on particular day, two tablets can be taken in the next day.
  •   Cigarette smoking increases the risk of side effects with oral contraceptives.
  •   Nausea or vomiting sensation is the common symptom associated with Oral contraceptive ingestion.
  •   Oral contraceptives are the effective measures of preventing unwanted pregnancy.
  •   Fluid retention and Break through bleeding are the other side effected find with oral contraceptive.
  •   Diabetes may be aggravated with oral contraceptive use.
  •   Oral contraceptives come in pockets of 21, 23 or 91 tablets.
  •   Seek medical help if you find any discomfort or Side effects.

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