Pregnancy Symptoms: Early Signs And Symptoms of Pregnancy

First pregnancy: symptoms of first pregnancy

Early pregnancy symptoms

Pregnancy symptoms are the experiences felt by the mother during gestational period. The pregnancy symptoms varies from one woman to another. Pregnancy symptoms varies in their frequency, intensity and duration. The pregnancy symptoms can appear same as that of pre-menstrual discomforts.The woman experiences variety of physical mental changes in the period of pregnancy. These all pregnancy symptoms are listed below. These are considered as typical early pregnancy symptoms, these may in there duration of appearance. Some of the pregnancy symptoms are subtle, they are not obvious.

The pregnancy symptoms may confused with other pathological causes. Pregnancy symptoms may occur within a week of conception but these may occur after few weeks in other woman. For confirmation of Pregnancy symptoms the woman must undergo pregnancy test. Following are the important Pregnancy symptoms.

Pregnancy symptoms no – 1

Amenorrhea : There is missing in monthly regular menstrual cycle is called amenorrhea. This is most important symptom of pregnancy, if there is absence of two continues cycle indicate conception and is the early and vital sign of pregnancy. But sometimes it may confuse with other causes, so the woman must undergo pregnancy test immediately.

Some woman might not have missing of cycle but experience lighter period when compared with the previous cycles is also a pregnancy symptoms. Sometimes there are chances of delay in the duration of the menstruation. And the next period should miss if the woman is under pregnancy. Differential diagnosis of pregnancy symptoms : These amenorrhea symptoms often confused with hormonal problems, fatigue, Excessive weight gain/loss, breast-feeding, ceasing to take the birth control pill, tension, stress. So the woman must undergo pregnancy test as soon as possible.

Pregnancy symptoms – 2

Increase in the breast size :There will be chances of Breast Tenderness, that means swollen, and enlarge in size of the breast and breast sore will be present. These changes might happen because of breast undergo some hormonal changes for the purpose of producing milk. This is one of the pregnancy symptoms.

When women becomes pregnant, mother’s body begins preparing  breasts for producing milk and breastfeeding. Hormones start increasing. In addition to breast tenderness and swelling,   nipples may feel sore or extra sensitive. Some women notice their nipples darken in color.

There will be development of primary and secondary areola leads to darkening of the nipples, and the breast will becomes more sensitive. This is the most important early symptom of pregnancy. Differential diagnosis of pregnancy symptoms : Enlargement of the breast is often confused side effects of birth control pills, hormonal imbalance, impending menstruation also will cause the breast tenderness.

Pregnancy symptoms – 3

Fatigue : Because of the growth of the fetus there is increase in the fatigue and exhaustion. The mother will start to go to bed as sooner and she will be tired of doing a small works, she will feel harder to get from bed in the morning.

Mother has to put more efforts for exercises, simple activities may feel wiped and the mother feels light headed.

Differential diagnosis of pregnancy symptoms: Fatigue also associated with exhaustion, stress, common cold or flu, depression and other illness also causes feeling of tiredness or fatigued.

Pregnancy symptoms – 4

Nausea/Morning sickness : There is a presence of sensation of vomiting, this is a signs of queasiness, the mother will have nausea in the morning when she is going to have coffee or if she is going to take breakfast on an empty stomach. During this period mother will suffer from this problem very adversely. Morning sickness is also important among Pregnancy symptoms.
This can be reduced by eating smaller, and by taking more frequent snack size meals. And also it can be helped with saltine crackers and milk. This will appear after a period of month and it will persist till the body get adjust to the changes.

Differential diagnosis  of Pregnancy symptoms: This is also associated with food poisoning, other stomach disorders and stress can also cause mother to feel queasy.

Pregnancy symptoms – 5

Frequent Urination : It is one of the early pregnancy symptom mother will frequently void the urine. This pregnancy symptom is due to increase in the size of the uterus puts more pressure on the bladder causing frequent urination.

This also due increase in volume of body fluids and there is increase in process of kidneys and bladder. This pregnancy symptom will persist till nine months.

Other causes: Diabetes, urinary tract infection, increasing liquid intake and taking excessive diuretics.

Pregnancy symptom – 6

Heartburn and/or Constipation : Due to presence of the oestrogen hormone there is relaxation of the cardiac sphincter so it leads to gastroesophageal reflux. The gastric content will reflux in to the oesophagus and causing burning sensation. And also it caused due to increase in the size of the uterus will pushing the other organs towards the stomach. Heartburn is the minor Pregnancy symptoms.

Increased level of hormones may slow down the digestion, leading to heartburn. The bowel function will allow the body to absorb the minerals and vitamins, nutrients as much as possible from the foods.
Treatment includes drinking plenty of water and eats fruits, small frequent foods and vegetables, soda crackers and sparkling water will help to reduce the burning. And it also can be reduced by taking some quality vitamin formulas contain digestive enzymes will help with digestion. In severe cases mother should have to take some antacids prescribed by the doctor.

Pregnancy symptoms  – 7

Higher body temperature : There will be increase in the temperature of the body higher than the normal and it will persist for two weeks. But if the fever is persists for prolonged period mother may have to seek the doctor. Higher body temperature is the minor Pregnancy symptoms.

Pregnancy symptom – 8

Lack of concentration : Because of the fatigue, morning sickness the mother will feel mentally fuzzy, and even when the mother took the rest she may experience an inability to concentrate and she will have forgetfulness. Lack of concentration is also a minor pregnancy sign.

Pregnancy symptom – 9

Mood Swings : When there is fluctuation in the hormonal level leads to variation in the mood during pregnancy. The mother will feel mixed emotions, excitement and depression, and as well as the joy and sorrow, tears and laughter. She will be confused and need support and understanding. This early pregnancy symptoms may decrease in the second trimester. It can also be reduced by get plenty of sleep, by taking prenatal vitamins, eat at right time and by some moderate exercises. Mood swings may not appear in all mothers with pregnancy symptoms.

Pregnancy symptoms – 10

Bloating and Weight Gain : In pregnancy there will be gradual increase in the weight of the mother, its due to increase in the size of the fetus. And also it is due to increase in the extracellular fluid volume, growth of the uterus. Weight Gain is the later pregnancy symptoms.

Pregnancy symptoms no – 11

Low Back Pain :Due to alteration in the posture and increase in the weight gain as well as difference in the body alignment leads to prolonged back pain. The pain is in the torso which pulls on mothers back.

These are the main symptoms of pregnancy.

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