Prostate cancer surgery, Treatment for prostate cancer

Prostate cancer surgery

Prostate cancer is most commonly seen cancer in the older men. Most of Prostate cancer are treated with surgery and prostate suregery has made easy the life of patients with prostate cancer. Most of the men with cancer can live normal life and doesn’t show any symptoms for entire life span. Studies have shown that most of men live normally even with prostate cancer but of mild in nature.

Prostate surgery is done to remove the prostate or cancer cells of prostate. surgery may be done to remove and test lymph nodes in surrounding area and  to visualize  if  the cancer has spread to surrounding tissues. Prostate surgery is done to correct urinary problems that are because of  tumor pressing on the urethra.

Prostate surgery is done on the basis of stage of prostate cancer, age of person, and general health of man. Treatment for prostate cancer is surgery.

Prostate cancer surgery choices are

Radical prostatectomy : is a surgical procedure to remove whole prostate and surrounding tissue have cancer cells. It is an open surgery, in which large incision is made in lower abdomen or laporoscopic surgery is done with small incisions.

Laparoscopic surgery is done passing a tiny camera inside the cavity and special instruments to remove the cancer prostate.  lymph nodes around the prostate are also removed as they have signs of cancer and spreads to other parts of body. Sampling of lympnodes is calles as lymph node biopsy. Laparoscopic surgery has become the important Treatment for prostate cancer.

Removal of prostate can cause erection problems and urinary bladder problems. but after proatate surgery most of men get relief from these problems.

Surgery may completely remove the prostate cancer or surrounding tissues also on the basis of cancer has spread beyond the prostate or not. Complete relief from symptoms of prostate cancer is possible with prostate cancer surgery. Treatment of Prostate cancer or cure is effectively possible with surgery and medical treatment of prostate cancer may just relieve the symptoms.

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