Schizophrenia Symptoms: Delusions, Hallucinations And Disordered Speech

Schizophrenia symptoms

Schizophrenia is the mental disorder, characterized by brain disorder and deviation of behaviour from reality. Hallucinations and delusions are common symptoms of Schizophrenia. Some schizophrenia  symptoms are common in both adults and Childhood schizophrenia.

Symptoms of schizophrenia

  • Hallucinations
  • delusions
  • racing thoughts
  • apathy
  • lack of emotion
  • poor or nonexistent social functioning
  • cognitive symptoms of schizophrenia are disorganized thoughts
  • difficulty in  concentrating, in following instructions
  • difficulty completing tasks
  • memory problems.
  • disorganized speech
  • disorganized behavior
  • the signs and symptoms of schizophrenia differ from individual to individual, both in pattern and severity. Not every person with schizophrenia will have all symptoms. The symptoms of schizophrenia may also change with duration of illness.

psychiatrist will make diagnosis with different assessments and procedures and provide a treatment as per need of mental illness. Identifying schizophrenia symptoms is very important to diagnose and treat schizophrenia in adults and children.


A delusion is a firm and strong belief with something and the schizophrenia affected individual believes even wrong as right. delusions are common schizophrenia symptoms seen in 90% of schizophrenia patients.

Delusions of persecution — Belief that others, may present really are an assumption that they are trying to kill him or harm him. schizophrenia patients complaints that others are mixing poison in food, some one is coming with gun, some one robbed their property, others cheated  etc are the symptoms of schizophrenia with delusions.

Delusions of reference — A neutral environmental event becomes a  special and personal meaning to schizophrenic patients. For example an individual with schizophrenia symptoms might believe that a president has send a message to him, a minister has invited him for a dinner, etc.

Delusions of grandeur — schizophrenia symptoms with delusions of grandeur are that the schizophrenia person believes that he has a super power, he can become god , he is a leader and he can do anything, every one has to follow  his order etc .

Delusions of control — Schizophrenia symptoms  with delusions of control are the patient complaints that some one is copying my thoughts, he has stolen my idea, i invented radio but they cheated me and gave their name etc..


Hallucinations are the wrong or false perception in the absence of stimuli. Hallucinations are the main schizophrenia symptoms  involve any of the five senses, auditory hallucinations such as  hearing voices or some  sound with absence of any external sound are most common symptoms of schizophrenia. Visual hallucinations are also relatively common.

Schizophrenic  hallucinations may be  meaningful to the Schizophrenic person experiencing them.  The voices are those of someone they know and the words they hear are bad to them and like abusing others.  Hallucinations become more when individual is alone.

Disorganized speech

Fragmented thinking is one of the  schizophrenia symptoms. They have shift of thoughts, change of topic, talking something unrelated, meaning less speaking, murmuring, making unusual sounds are common  schizophrenia symptoms with disorganized speech. Creating new meaning to words, joining unrelated words, Repetition of words and sentences, meaningless use of rhyming words etc..

The negative schizophrenia symptoms

  • Flattened or blunted affect: Lack of emotional expression, including a flat voice, failure to have eye contact, and blank or weak facial expressions.
  • Avolition: Lack of interest or enthusiasm; unable to pursue goal-driven activities.
  • Catatonia: Apparent unawareness about environment, near total absence of motion and speech, unnecessary body movements and different postures, deficit self-care activities such as taking bath etc.
  • Alogia: Difficulties with speech, inability to converse, short and sometimes no replies to questions, interrupted communication.

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