Single umblical artery facts

  • IN normal pregnancy, the fetal umbilical cord contains three umbilical blood vessels. Two umbilical arteries, and one umbilical vein. Even one umbilical artery is needed to handle blood supply to placenta.
  • The cause of single umbilical artery is unknown.
  • Normal fetus will have three blood vessels. But 1 to 5 % babies will have only two blood vessels, one umbilical artery, and one umbilical vein. This is called single umbilical artery.
  • The ultrasound scan confirms the single umbilical artery. If the fetus doesn’t show any abnormalities, the baby will take normal birth.
  • Some studies says the 25 % single umbilical artery baby may have chromosomal abnormalities. If single umbilical artery is confirmed during ultrasound scan,  tests such as Amniocentesis and others are done for further diagnosis.
  • Single umbilical artery baby may have or may not have any other abnormalities.

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