Lung Cancer: Smoking Lung Cancer, Causes And Symptoms

Lung cancer

Lung cancer

Lung cancer is the most common cause of death due to caner in the world, and is confirmed that smoking lungs are most prone to have lung cancer. Smoking lungs are formed because of cigarette smoking and nicotine in the cigarette makes individual to addict and prolonged cigarette smoking causes smoking lungs and leads to smoking lung cancer.

Lungs have main functions of blood purification and converts deoxygenated blood into oxygenated blood. The alveoli performs the gas exchange of blood and is the vital process. When the lung epithelial altered, it alters the blood purification method, and the whole body nourishment is affected. So maintain the healthy lungs by quitting smoking.

Facts about smoking lung cancer

Most of ex smokers think that they won’t get lung cancer after cessation of smoking but even they are at risk of developing smoking lung cancer. First, most of cigarette smokers start smoking as a joy and to pleasure. Later it develops into habit and they become addicted to smoking.

The prolonged smoking destroys the lung surfactant and lung epithelium is also becomes damaged with smoke and chemicals present in the smoke. The main chemical which causes lung destruction and leads to lung cancer is nicotine. Even a passive smoker, who inhales smoke exhaled from smoker is also at risk of developing smoking lungs cancer. Even all tobacco products used by human beings are injurious health.

Now a days smoking has become a fashion and most of youth are using smoking as the reliever of mental stress, and is a wrong belief. These are at risk of future smoking lungs cancer.

Causes and symptoms

Lung cancers are of two types Small cell lung cancer and non- small cell lung cancer. Cigarette smoking has 4,000 chemicals and most of these are causative factors of smoking lungs cancer.The person who smokes a pack of cigarette per day have 25 % high risk smoking lungs cancer then the person who doesn’t smokes. 90 % lung cancers are caused because of tobacco products usage and smoking contributes more for lung cancer. How long a person smokes also confirms the development of lung cancer.

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