Surgery : Need, Surgical View , Tips


Surgery is the term used for operations conducted with surgical instruments and incision.

When disorders are not cured with medicine, some disorders need surgical repair. So surgery has a significant role in saving life of patient.

More than 15 million people undergo surgery in US.

Why is surgery done?

  • To relieve pain ,
  • To correct the disorder,
  • To restore the health,
  • To diagnose the disease,
  • To reduce the symptom,
  • To improve body function,
  • To save the life.

Previous days all surgeries are conducted with incision. The technological improvements have led to Laser surgery, without incision.
Some surgeries which are conducted using large incisions have become small incision surgeries.

As the surgery is a incision procedure, the pain is obvious with surgery. Due to use of Anesthesia the pain is completely or partially absent at the time of procedure. but after surgery the pain is present to some extent. Analgesics will relieve the pain.

The blood loss is common with most of surgeries. Infection may occur along with surgery if proper asepsis is not taken.

Tips to The Doctor

Explain the procedure in brief to patient before surgery.

Asepsis should be maintained strictly to avoid infection.

Review all the steps before surgery to avoid mistakes or confusion.

Check and confirm all vital signs of victim are right during surgery.

After care of patient is also important.

Tips to the patients

Don’t panic about the procedure.

Ask your doubts to doctors, and be relaxed.

Follow the instruction given by doctor.

Maintain hygiene after surgery, and take all measures to avoid infection.

Adjust to the conditions after surgery for some days.

Take medications and food as per doctor’s instructions.

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