Tetanus: infection, shot, dosage

Tetanus shots are given to prevent Tetanus . Tetanus shot is a vaccine of tetanus toxoid given against Tetanus disease. First tetanus toxoid vaccine was introduced in the year 1924. tetanus is also called as Lock jaw and is an acute infectious disease caused by clostridium tetani. The toxin is released after infection and affects the central nervous system. The body muscles becomes rigid specially neck and jaw movement becomes very rigid.

Clostridium tetani is found in soil and manure and also on human skin surface. The tetanus infection follows after an injury or wound to body part. The main way for Clostridium tetani to enter human blood stream is through wounds or injuries.

Tetanus infection occurs through

  • Any injuries causes bleeding from skin
  • Animal or human bites.
  • Dental infections and Ear infections
  • Pregnancy or abortion

Tetanus shots / tetanus vaccination

  • Soon after a injury, if you go for health care provider or doctor, he wash the wound will give Tetanus shots. Tetanus shots is a vaccination containing Tetanus toxoid, an antigenic material produces antibodies in the body against Clostridium tetani. These antibodies prevents tetanus infection in the body.
  • Usually tetanus shot, or vaccine is given in the childhood to prevent tetanus infection by improving the immunity of child against Tetanus or Clostridium tetani. Booster dose of tetanus shot should be taken to prevent tetanus infection. Now a days the disease has been markedly reduced because of proper immunization.
  • Tetanus shots are given to pregnant mothers in the second or third trimester to prevent incidence of tetanus in neonates. For children tetanus shots is given at the age of 10 years and after 6 months booster dose is given.

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