Thyroid nodule: causes, facts, biopsy and treatment

Thyroid nodule

Thyroid nodule are lumps which commonly grow within thyroid gland. These lumps are the abnormal growths of thyroid tissue which are situated at the edges of thyroid gland and are felt as lump on throat by feeling external palpation. Sometimes thyroid nodule can be seen as a lump in the front of the neck in thin individuals who have less subcutaneous fat deposition.

Causes,  Facts related to thyroid nodule and thyroid biopsy

  • Women are more prone to have thyroid nodule .  1 woman out of 15 has risk of getting thyroid nodule.
  • 1 out of  40 young men has risk of developing thyroid nodule.
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  • Thyroid nodule are benign tumors and non cancerous cells. Only five percent may develop carcinomas.
  • More than 95 percent of all thyroid nodules are benign (non-cancerous growths)
  • Some  thyroid nodule  are cysts  filled with fluid rather than thyroid tissue
  • People aged over 50 years have chance of developing thyroid nodule.
  • Thyroid biopsy is done to diagnose the nature of thyroid nodule, as a benign or malignant. Thyroid biopsy is the important diagnostic test for confirmation of thyroid nodule.
  • complete family physical examination, measurement of serum TSH level and FNAB of the nodule are the diagnostic tests done before treatment of thyroid nodule.
  • Ultrasound thyroid scan is done to notify the nature and extent of thyroid nodule.
  • Thyroid biopsy is the procedure done to get the sample tissue for diagnostic studies. Thyroid biopsy is done in the minor OT with aseptic techniques. Care should be taken to avoid damage to blood vessels or thyroid gland while conducting thyroid biopsy. Needle biopsy is the common thyroid biopsy type. Biopsy specimen is tested in the laboratory and nodule nature is identified as benign or malignant.

Treatment of thyroid nodule

Experienced physicians need to treat the thyroid nodule. Treatment based on the nodule is benign or carcinogenic, metastatic. Hormone replacement may done after removal of affected thyroid lobe or thyroid part. Surgery is done to correct or remove thyroid nodule,  concerns about cosmesis should be taken by the surgeon. Patient need  some days of hospitalization and she can lead normal life. Regular medications should be taken as per doctor’s advice. Follow the medical care and have a healthy soft diet. Liquid diet is given for some days after thyroid nodule surgery.

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