Tongue lesions : sore tongue, causes, treatment

Tongue lesions

Lesions occur on the tongue are considered as tongue lesions. Most of tongue lesions are healed without treatment. If tongue lesions are not healed for long time, biopsy is taken and test is conducted to identify any underlying cause.

Causes of tongue lesions

  • Vitamin deficiencies, are common cause of tongue lesions.
  • Malnutrition,
  • iron deficiency anaemia,
  • pernicious anaemia,
  • HIV infection,
  • Oral candidiasis,
  • Local infection,
  • trauma to tongue,
  • Side effects of medications,
  • beverages or tobacco induced lesion,
  • tongue malignancy lesions are the causes of tongue lesions.

Treatment of tongue lesions

  •   Treat the underlying cause such as vitamin deficiencies.
  • Apply analgesic cream on the tongue lesions,
  • Systemic analgesics,
  • Mouth washes with analgesic effect,
  • Avoid mucus irritants such as tobacco, hot foods or drinks,etc.
  • Maintain good mouth hygiene and dental hygiene.
  • Use mouth rinses such as lidocaine 2% topical solution, etc.

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