Arthritis treatments : Arthritis exercises , arthritis diet

Arthritis treatment

Arthritis treatment is very important to relieve pain of millions of arthritis patients worldwide. The treatments for  arthritis diseases includes rest,  relaxation, exercise, arthritis relieving diet, medication, health education etc.  The proper body mechanics also helps in avoiding joint stress and are the best arthritis treatments.  Medications are used to relieve pain because of arthritis. The main goals of arthritis treatments is

  • To Relieve joint pain
  • Minimize risks of arthritis treatment
  • To avoid further development of arthritis,
  • Guidance to patients about arthritis management,
  • To Prevent work disability.

Surgery is done in severe cases of arthritis.  The treatments for arthritis is as per need of arthritis patient and doctor  treatment plan, which includes number of therapies as arthritis treatments.  Emu oil is used for relieving arthritis pain.  Colchicine  and allopurinol  are the drugs commonly used for arthritis treatments.

Fatigue is the most common problem of arthritis patients. Patients with  rheumatic arthritis disease should maintain a  balance between rest and activity. When an arthritis  Patient experiences pain or fatigue during exercises  should  take a break or rest. Prolonged rest also leads to muscle stiffness and it leads to failure of arthritis treatments.

Arthritis Exercises

The regular physical exercise  reduces  joint pain and stiffness,  increase flexibility, muscle strength, and helps in easy movement of joints. Regular walk also helps in weight reduction and this is the best treatments for arthritis.  Don’t start exercise program blindly, and should get perfect education from the doctor. Exercises recommend for arthritis treatments includes:-

Range-of-motion exercises: (e.g. stretching joints)  To help maintain normal joint movement, maintains normal joint flexibility, and relieves muscle stiffness.

Strengthening exercises: To maintain or increase muscle strength. Strong muscles  supports and protect joints affected with arthritis. Weight lifting exercises are the good exercises for arthritis treatments.

Aerobic  exercises: To improve cardiovascular fitness, helps to control weight on joints, and to improve overall well-being of joint function. Studies also proved that aerobic exercise are best treatments for arthritis and reduces inflammation of  joints along with improvement in movement. Walking, bicycle riding are treatments for arthritis under aerobic exercises.

Arthritis diet

Well-balanced diet  is the main part arthritis treatments. Regular exercises and  a well-balanced diet helps arthritis patients to maintain their body weight and to have healthy joints. Weight reduction helps  in avoiding joint stress and reduces joint tear, hence risk of joint pain and swelling are reduced. Obese arthritis patients should reduce their body weight, along with other treatments for arthritis. These are the treatments for arthritis.

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