Urinary tract infection : symptoms in male and female

Urinary tract infection

The urinary tract is one of the important system of body and  purifies the blood removes liquid wastes. Women have more chance to get  bacterial urinary tract infection because of easy entering of bacteria through the short urethra.

Urinary tract infection symptoms

Urinary tract infection symptoms include a strong urge to urinate,  sharp pain follows soon after urination or men or women will feel burning sensation in the urethra after urine is released from urinary bladder.  Urinary tract infection men passes urine frequently and in small quantity.

Urinary tract infection men always feels like urine is coming through urethra and pain is more common in men compared to urinary tract infection in women. Bladder infection is the commonly occurring urinary tract infection. The Urinary tract infection men will pass urine more than six times a day with feeling of discomfort and have urinary tract infection symptom.

Urinary bladder is commonly infected urinary tract and the bladder infection spreads to kidney through ureters as the  bacteria enters the ureters and transmits infection.

symptoms of a urinary tract infection with bladder and kidney infection are as follows.  lower tract infection may be mild but upper urinary tract infections are complicated.

List of Symptoms of a urinary tract infection

  • Frequent urination : An urge to pass urine often and often,
  • Nocturia : urge to urinate during  night.
  • Urethritis :  Discomfort or pain because of inflammation of urethral meatus, or a burning sensation throughout the urethra while passing urine.
  • pain in  supra pubic region
  • pyuria : presence of Pus cells in urine
  • Hematuria : presence of red blood cells in urine.
  • Cloudy and foul-smelling urine on observation after storing for some minutes.
  • Proteinuria : presence of albumin and proteins in urine,
  • The symptoms of kidney Urinary tract infection are
  • low  back pain,
  • recurring chills,
  • fever with mild to moderate temperature,
  • nausea, and vomiting may occur,

The symptoms of upper urinary tract infection are always associated with lower  urinary tract infection symptoms.

Proper diagnosis is needed to identify the cause of infection and to distinguish various symptoms, as some symptoms can also caused by other problems like infections of the vulva. The physician can make the distinction and make a correct diagnosis of disease.

urinary tract infection symptom are different from person to person as the severity of infection and the extent of inflammation or disease.

Cephalosporin is the important urinary tract infection antibiotic, and success rate of treating urinary tract infection  is high with use of antibiotics. Antipyretics and analgesics are also administered to treat fever and pain.

Urinary tract infection prevention is important to prevent damage to urinary structures and to prevent symptoms.

male urinary tract infection is less as compared to women. Women are more prone to have urinary tract infection.

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