Vaccinations : immunity, vaccine types and merits

FDA also approves shingles vaccine. It is also known as Zostavax. Vaccination is the procedure of producing immunity to a particular disease by administrating antigenic material. Vaccination prevents the disease or an infection caused by the pathogens. vaccination is an effective method of producing immunity, preventing disease because of it’s power to produce immunity.

The vaccines administrated may be live (they can’t produce active immunization) obtained from pathogens such as bacteria or virus. Killed vaccines or inactivated antigenic material from the pathogens, may be purified material such as protein.

Before 200 BC itself inoculation against smallpox, the killing disease was introduced.

The word vaccination was first introduced in 1976 by Edward Jenner.

How the vaccinations prevent disease ?

All vaccines introduces antigenic material into the immune system of the body and stimulates antigen antibody reaction. As the antigenic material is unable to produce active infection, the antibodies are developed strongly against the particular antigenic material. The developed antibodies fight against the particular antigen in future and prevent infection and particular disease.

Types of Vaccinations

Inactivated vaccine

Consists of inactivated virus, which has been cultivated in the culture media and killed using formaldehyde or Heat. These viruses loses the capacity to replicate but can stimulate antibodies, because of it’s antigenic nature. The effective inactivation of virus doesn’t cause any infection, but weak inactivation can establish an infection in the body. Booster dose of vaccine is necessary, because the inactivated virus loses it’s antigenic property later.

Attenuated Vaccine

Very low virulence virus particles are included in attenuated vaccine. They reproduce very slowly, so they will produce their antigenic properties, and less often need of a booster dose.

Subunit Vaccine

A subunit of a pathogen is introduced as a vaccine and is capable of producing immunity by stimulating antibodies. The specific protein is extracted from the vaccine and is administered as Vaccine.

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