Vasectomy: Side Effects, Complications & Facts

  • Vasectomy side effects are rare as the modern health system have made the procedure easy and safe. Some complications occur but not life threatening and need medical attention to prevent and treat vasectomy side effects and complications.
  • Vasectomy is an effective way of contraception and is the most accepted and effective way of birth control all over the world. vasectomy side effects are not life threatening. The side effects are mild in most cases and similar to all surgical procedures. Only in rare cases the side effects and complications of vasectomy arise.
  • Pain : pain after surgery is the common side effect of vasectomy. discomfort may also be present for a week. Mild analgesics are given to treat pain as vasectomy side effects. Some men experience chronic pain.
  • Infection : infection and inflammation at the site of surgery is common. Redness, bruising and swelling are common as vasectomy side effects. Increased temperature should be treated with antipyretics.
  • Granuloma (benign lump)  is the non cancerous lump that develop in some men as a result of leakage from the cut end of the vas deference from the site of production of fertilizing fluids. The lump is painful, sensitive to touch  and is not a common vasectomy side effects.
  • Reversal of the vasectomy is needed in some cases of granuloma.


 inflammation at the site of  vasectomy leads to swelling of the epididymis it is called as Epididymitis. Epididymis is the coiled tube that connects the efferent ducts from  fertilizing fluid producing site to its vas deferens.

Abscesses at the site of incision of vasectomy is the complication and included in vasectomy side effects.

vasectomy side effects may include development of cancer in very rare cases.  men who undergoe vasectomy surgeries need not worry about vasectomy side effects and are very mild and subsides in some days or week. Medications and adequate treatment helps in reducing the complications of vasectomy.

Health care tips and facts about vasectomy

  • Patient should get adequate information about health care after surgery.
  • Exercises should be avoided for some weeks after surgery or vasectomy.
  • cost of vasectomy is different in different hospitals.
  • Many researches have shown that very less side effects with vasectomy.
  • Patient who undergoes surgery can perform normal life as previous.
  • Vasectomy risks are very less and men should not worry about risks of vasectomy.
  • Do meditation to relieve mental risks.
  • no need to have any fear of the surgery complications.

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