White blood cells urine : causes, diagnosis, urine tests, treatment

White blood cells urine

White blood cells urine

An inflammation of kidneys or urinary bladder leads to presence of blood cells in the urine. Presence of foreign bodies, stones, immune disorders, Tumor or mass in the urinary tract, and allergy to some substances may cause white blood cells in urine. An internal injury or hemorrhage in the genitourinary system also causes blood in urine, may be white blood cells or red blood cells. Even a healthy individual may also have one to three white blood cells or red blood cells in urine, without any infection.

Usually white blood cells are accumulated in the body where an infection is present, to fight with micro organisms which causes disease or infection. So in most of the cases presence of urinary tract infection is the main cause of white blood cells in urine. The pus at the site of infection at any where in the body is formed due to collection of white blood cells to infected area.

The infected individual usually doesn’t complaint that they have blood cells in urine. The blood cells in urine may not be seen to naked eyes, but can be observed with naked eyes in gross hematuria. After clinical examination of urine only the protein or blood cells, or microorganisms present is urine are observed.

Causes of white blood cells in urine

  • Cystitis : infection of bladder,
  • Kidney infection,
  • Infection of genitourinary tract,
  • Trauma or injury to urinary tract,
  • Post surgical infection,
  • Medications used to treat arthritis, etc
  • Are the main causes of blood cells in urine.

Urine test / diagnosis for blood cells

Urine sample is collected from the infected individual and urine should be collected in a clean container as per doctors advice.

Collected urine is send to medical laboratory for urine culture test and to identify presence of any microorganisms. If the organism is identified correctly, the correct antibiotic is used to treat urinary tract infection.

Kidney X-ray is also performed to identify the any infection to kidney.

Cystoscopy the direct visualization of urinary bladder is done using cystoscope.

Leukocyte esterase : test shows presence of white blood cells in urine.

Electron microscope, and some other chemicals are used for diagnosis of urine.

Treatment of white blood cells in urine

Treatment is given on the basis of cause of infection or disease. Cephalosporins are the antibiotics used to treat urinary tract infection. Adequate rest is essential for treating urinary tract infection.  Follow up the medications and doctors suggestions. If any sever complaints such as painful micturition, dark yellow urine, urinary incontinence, you can complaint to the doctor.

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