Yeast infections: causes and treatment

Yeast infections

Yeast Infections

Yeast infections usually occurs, at the water retaining parts of the body. Yeast infections generally occur in areas like, mouth, underarms, hand and feet etc, The water retaining environment is the main cause of yeast infection. Everybody comes in contact with yeast, but some have resistance, and some persons who have less immunity will be infected with yeast. The moist, warm environment encourages yeast growth and causes yeast infection.

Yeast infections most commonly occurs in genital area. Because the area provides good environment for yeast growth. The moist warm area, at the genital area is more prone to yeast infection. By maintaining hygiene at this area, one can prevent yeast infection. Yeast infections can also occur at axilla, and between thighs.

Oral yeast infections commonly occurs in children. Infants who are bottle feeding can get oral yeast infection. Because the moist area around the bottle enhances yeast growth. The oral yeast infections are called as oral thrush.

Yeast infections also occur under the nails, if nails are kept moist and dirt.

Causes of Yeast Infection

  •   Unhygienic genital areas,
  •   Poor hygiene at water retaining areas such as hands, feet.
  •   Immune suppressing medications such as steroids,
  •   Using an uncleaned bottle causes yeast infection in children.
  •   Decreased resistance to infections,
  •   weak immunity,patients such as AIDS,

Treatment of Yeast Infections

  •   MICONAZOLE, CLOTRIMAZOLE, are the important medications used.
  •   Natural treatment is also available.

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